Photo by   Katerina Farfara

I was born and raised in Kenya but have spent the majority of my life traveling, exploring and briefly living in several different countries including studying in both South Africa and The Netherlands.

I have had an international upbringing having gone to International schools all my life and I come from a huge multicultural family spread across the globe, all adding an array of interesting and wonderful cultures and traditions into our circle. Aside from traveling, some more of my hobbies include family, animals, and various outdoor activities such as camping and safaris but most of all I share a deep passion and appreciation for photography.

Since first introducing myself into the world of photography with my Nokia phone when I was 12 years old, I found myself experimenting throughout the various types of genres finding that my love for animals, nature and travel all transcend into the genres i'm most interested in photographing. Although I still love to explore and learn from other fields such as fashion, events, sport and studio work.

This is my own little personal world of photography and i'm more than excited to share it with you! I hope that i'm able to portray a little piece of the world as I see it through my eyes and lens.